We are an integral part of our
portfolio companies

As a partner we take over joint responsibility for targets

DEDIQ as a partner for…

Reliable transactions. Our investments are mainly done with equity or temporarily as a shareholder’s loan if needed. It is possible to have an all equity structure at closing without financing from banks.

Quick and reliable decisions.We have the expertise and resources for our transaction processes mostly in-house. We use external advisors only in few cases. Decisions are made by our partners and do not need additional committees.

Pragmatic Due Diligence. Due to the sensibility of such processes we act pragmatically and ensure that there is no disturbance in the organization. We focus on the understanding of the business model and definition of a forward strategy.

Partnership-based development. We like to keep the current shareholders and managers with their experience on board for the strategic development of our portfolio companies. In a dialogue between the partners, additional potential can be identified and realized.

Continuity and stability. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and act like this in our interactions with employees and customers. We do not have a defined holding period and invest long-term with continuity in the group of shareholders.

Becoming co-entrepreneur. A manager always must also be an entrepreneur. The interest must be aligned between shareholders and the management. Therefore we offer entrepreneurial incentive systems to managers who are not yet shareholders.

Long-term goals. Our goal is to build a champion together. Stable structures and long-term goals are therefore prerequisites. We define a forward strategy with the management and execute it together.

Proactive Support. We support management with know-how, employees and capital to achieve growth and transformation together, especially for digitalization. The level of support is flexible and depends on the situation.

Entrepreneurial spirit. An excellent management needs freedom and support to execute ideas. Since we are actively involved and define long-term goals, we make room for the own ideas of management.

Quick decisions. As an operational investor we put emphasis on quick decisions and being highly dynamic. One of our partners will always support the management and is responsible to make decisions on behalf of DEDIQ.

Performance oriented culture. The basis for economic success of a company are its employees. Capable employees have the chance for excellent development with us and are strongly supported. Goals are transparent and aligned with incentives.

Positive performance culture. The team quality defines the success of a company. Getting the right employees for the right jobs is a main goal. The team is more important than the single employee.

Results count. We build on a culture that values content and solutions. Politics or hierarchical thinking aren’t good for anything in an organization. We want to create value together and have everybody involved profiting from it.

Solid financing. We create growth through strategic development. Our portfolio companies are always financed in such way that there is no conflict between company development (e.g. through investments) and financing requirements.

Secure jobs. Excellent employees are hard to find and need to be incentivized by the success of the company. We were always able to significantly increase the number of employees in all our portfolio companies. We think long-term like good team members.