We are Entrepreneurs
of the next Generation

With our proactive approach we lead companies to a prosperous future

Proactive Investor. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and live for the strategic development and advancement of business models. We are actively involved in the strategic and operational development of our investments and believe in joint success.

Building Champions. Therefore we bring capital and especially entrepreneurial expertise. We think in terms of operational initiatives and company goals instead of return and KPI reportings. In doing so, we pursue ambitious goals and assume full responsibility to reach these together with our partners.

Joint Development. Our role is depending on the situation and reaches from active shareholders to taking over management responsibility. This approach differentiates us from financial investors. We believe that thereby we can realize bigger potential through above market growth and operational excellence.

Digitalization of SMEs. We are investors of the next generation and use the digital progress to make our business models even more successful. Our expertise in digital transformation ranges from restructuring of processes, digitalization of products and services and hosting of e-commerce platforms to digitalization of entire business models.

Investments from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. We invest only long-term entrepreneurial capital. We invest mainly equity as we do not believe in sustainable value creation through transaction structures. Thereby we can develop companies long-term without pressure to exit early.

The DEDIQ value-added

Success through operational excellence and profitable growth.

Dedicated Entrepreneurs with digital IQ

Sustainable success
  • Realignment in digitalizing markets
  • Digital end-to-end innovation of product and services
  • Add-on acquisitions
Profitable growth
  • Internationalization
  • Digital innovations in services and sales
  • Target customer expansion and penetration
Operational excellence
  • Scalable operations, data-driven processes
  • Incentive & controlling schemes depending on value drivers
  • Access to high potentials