We invest in companies with the potential
to become champions

In the process of building a champion we are a mature contributing factor

Company size and profitability

  • Minimum €30m revenue (>€100m possible)
  • Profitable or at least near profitability
  • Preference for healthy companies but temporary difficulties no reason for exclusion

Company characteristics

  • Great potential for digitalization of business model, services or products
  • Services or products with clear USP
  • Temporary difficult business situation no deal breaker if there is a healthy core

Transaction size and structure

  • €50m to €1bn enterprise value
  • Preference for majority stakes
  • Minority stakes possible with clear governance structures
  • Growth partnerships, succession situations, MBOs/ MBIs and spin-offs
  • Equity only financing at closing possible

Sectors and regions

  • Across sectors, depending on the situation
  • Special affinity to industry, capital goods, professional services, IT, software and B2B/B2C branded products
  • Focus on globally active companies headquartered in Central Europe
  • Exclusion criteria: Venture capital, start-ups, financing rounds

Partner for entrepreneurship. DEDIQ is especially then the right partner, if entrepreneurial expertise is needed. In many situations we can deliver a crucial value-add in the strategic development of companies.

Growth partnerships. We provide management capacity and capital for realization of growth strategies, e.g. for investments, internationalization, acquisitions or innovations. We prefer to partner with existing management or shareholders in such situations.

Business situations with potential. Potential investment candidates are companies with attractive services and products but unrealized revenue potential. Also weak earnings or the necessity of strategic realignment offers potential for operational improvement.

Complex transactions. Prevalent situations are the succession or retirement of shareholders. We are also the perfect partner for spin-offs from enterprises or special transaction structures as well as in situations with the need for the increase of growth and profitability.

High degree of flexibility. We prefer majority investments. Shareholding structures must be capable of making decisions. In some cases we may enter minority investments. If we are confident about a company, we will find a deal structure that works for all parties involved.

Majority investments. Especially transformation situations need a shareholder who has the ability to make decisions. Therefore we prefer to acquire majority stakes. In many situations a new majority shareholder is needed, even if existing shareholders keep their shares. Existing shareholders should participate in the successes they have achieved when they further develop the company together with DEDIQ. This can be in form of an earn-out structure or a shareholding.

Minority investments. Especially in growth situations, we are willing to acquire minority stakes. We partner with a strong management and existing shareholders to realize ambitious goals. Also with a minority stake there needs to be a clear governance that ensures decisions between shareholders in every situations. We prefer situations with a clear path to majority if milestones are reached.

Flexible financing structures. Our capital comes from the Partners at DEDIQ and a big co-investor. The use of debt is less important for us. Financial engineering does not offer any sustainable value. We can finance transactions exclusively with equity or a mix between equity and a shareholder loan. The whole capital is accessible on demand. We do not have any restrictions on holding time, buy-and-hold / evergreen investments are possible and preferred.