Champions together

We are entrepreneurs. As investors we act the same

DEDIQ is a proactive investor. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and live for the strategic development and advancement of business models. Therefore we invest our own money. We are actively involved in the strategic and operational development of our portfolio companies and believe in joint success. As entrepreneurs of the next generation our value-add is especially the end-to-end digitalization of business models. In addition we add value through operational excellence and recruitment of high-potential teams.


We invest in companies
with the potential to become champions

Investment criteria

Business situations with potential. We invest across sectors, for us the potential for added value through operational improvement is critical. However we have a preference for financial services, consumer products (including fashion), automotive, industrials, professional services, IT and healthcare.


Investment Situations

Entrepreneurs wanted. DEDIQ is especially the right partner when entrepreneurial expertise is needed. In many situations we can deliver a crucial value-add in the strategic development of companies. For example we add value by digitalizing products, services or processes.


Feasible deal structures

Flexible deal structures. We prefer majority investments. Shareholding structures must be capable of making decisions. In some cases we may enter minority investments. If we are convinced of adding value to the development of a company, we will find a deal structure that works for all parties involved.


We take over responsibility for the successful development of our portfolio companies

Together towards a successful future. As a partner we work closely together with entrepreneurs, managers and employees. Only great teams can achieve big things. In the daily work we distinguish ourselves with quick and reliable decisions, a cooperative work culture, proactive support for long-term goals and freedom for decision-making.