Being successful
as a Team

We offer unique career and development opportunities for high potentials

Unique career opportunities. We see ourselves as an entrepreneurial investor. Therefore we offer unique career opportunities at DEDIQ. You can choose an entrepreneurial career in Business Development of our portfolio companies or a career as an investor in our New Investments team or combine both roles. You will work in a team and take over responsibility right from the beginning. You will be incentivized by results and performance not politics.

Goal oriented work culture, strong team focus and performance-based incentives

Content counts. Our team culture focuses on content and solutions. Discussions are won with the best arguments, independent of hierarchy and experience. We are focusing on our goals for the best strategic development of the DEDIQ platform.

Performance oriented culture. The basis for the economic success of a company are its employees. We focus on getting the right employees for the right jobs. Team members that perform well and reach ambitious goals are actively supported and rewarded.

Reliable entrepreneurship. We pursue long-term targets for our portfolio companies. Thereby we think and act as good entrepreneurs and facilitate a transparent conversation as a team. Positive and negative aspects are openly addressed, and targets are reached together.

Success needs entrepreneurial teams

Success = quality of the team. We look for employees that fit our team. Excellent technical qualification and professional expertise is as important to us as cultural fit. Together we make our DEDIQ platform even more successful. Thereby we offer the perfect environment for high potentials.

Two career paths. A sustainable above market return rate can only be achieved by operational excellence in the strategic development of portfolio companies. Successful investments need successful entrepreneurship. This is the reason why we offer an entrepreneurial as well as investor career path and the opportunity to combine both paths.

The entrepreneurial career path. In the business optimization team you take over operational responsibility for further development of our portfolio companies. This can range from responsibility for single projects to full responsibility for realizing the target value. As an entrepreneur you can shape the strategy and business model, product and market, steering system and the whole organization. You act as a risk taker, motivator and visionary and change organizations.

The investor career path. As a team member of our New Investments Team, you ensure that there are continuously added exciting companies to our portfolio. Your responsibilities include analysis of investment ideas, transaction processes and sourcing of investments. As an investor you have a comprehensive understanding of strategy and business model as well as their relation to financial data. You define a value creation plan for new portfolio companies together with the Business Optimization Team. Both career paths allow flexible changing in between. We at DEDIQ are a team of entrepreneurs and assess new investment from point of view.

“We offer unique career opportunities: At DEDIQ you can take over the initiative for your personal growth and make a real difference.”


Reasons for DEDIQ in a nutshell

  1. Unique career paths and personal development opportunities
  2. Take on responsibility right from the start
  3. Freedom to pursue your ideas and room to cause change
  4. Close teamwork with experienced partners, entrepreneurs and managers ensures a steep learning curve
  5. Pragmatic teamwork and communication focused on ambitious goals and results

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